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We provide specialized consultant advice and services in energy,

oil & gas, hospitality and transportation in Cyprus,

Greece and in other European Countries.


Renewable Energy Sector

We develop RES projects, and we provide services to fulfil all our clients needs. We provide state-of-the-art solutions identifying the suitable grid connections and best resources. In addition, we develop strong relationships with all stakeholders. We are consultative and transparent to ensure the maximum benefits/values from the RES project for our clients.


Battery Energy Storage System

We are innovators and our team is the first to be involved in Energy Storage. We are involved in various BESS Research Projects in Cyprus. That includes for Domestic, Public and Community projects. Currently we are developing hybrid projects (Renewable + Storage) and participating in the Research and Development of a SmartGrid Project. Also we provide standalone hybrid solutions including design, installation, and management.


EV Mobility

We believe that Energy Storage and Electric Mobility are the twin pillars to create sustainable living conditions for residents around the world. As the electric vehicles (EV) become more affordable, predictions show that the sales will increase significantly. We provide complete range of EV chargers for private and public use, AC or DC solutions with high performance.


Oil & Gas Consulting

Our team has the necessary infrastructure, contacts and associates in Cyprus and Greece to capitalize on this prospect. Furthermore, we believe that a direct cooperation with our clients will forgo logistic and communication problems existing today, alleviate extra costs, and allow for the provision of a high quality after-sale and problem solution service that will accompany you. In shipping we are dealing with Greek and European ship-owners from who we charter their vessel, operate, and consult in technical matters in respect of money saving and environmental aspects.


Hospitality Services

We trade, transport, and contribute foods, materials, and goods in Cyprus that the Tourism Industry needs. We have exclusivity clients that we provide a variety of service. We can assist you to promote all your products in public and private transportation companies in Cyprus and in big contributors and in can/trucks and buses workshops around the Cyprus and Greece.

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